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If the patient had injuries or skin lesions, then linear elements often develop in these places. Hyperkeratosis, alopecia (hair loss) and dyschromia (discoloration) have also been noted. Usually patients do not have any complaints for a long time. Often they are concerned about a cosmetic defect of the skin, therefore, pathology is mainly detected in the later stages, when dangerous complications already appear. Complications of Lewandowski-Lutz disease.

Bowenoid papulosis is a precancerous condition caused by papillomavirus. Pathology manifests itself as a massive appearance on the skin of red spots, plaques and pigmented papules. Usually the diameter of the formations does not exceed 4 cm, and it is localized mainly on the trunk. In the affected area, the patient usually feels itching. Additionally, papules are often secondarily infected with bacterial pathogens. The elements of the rash are usually stable for a long time and do not change into each other.

Due to their density, they differ from unchanged skin. With the active development of the process, the warts quickly begin to protrude above the rest of the tissues.

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The color of bupropion in warty epidermodysplasia varies from light pink to dark brown.

Squamous cell skin cancer occurs on average in patients with verrucous epidermodystrophy at the age of 25, which is much earlier than in the rest of the population. With the progression of the oncological process, numerical metastases occur in the lymph nodes and distant organs of various body systems. Clinically, the following forms of pathology are distinguished, which are characterized by the development of the corresponding elements. Diagnosis of warty epidermodysplasia.

For the diagnosis of warty epidermodysplasia, it is necessary to fully collect anamnesis from the patient (especially regarding the presence of pathology in close relatives). After that, laboratory tests are carried out - a virological examination and a biopsy of the wart with a histological analysis. The diagnosis of Lewandowski-Lutz disease can be made if zyban pills criteria are present. Treatment of Lewandowski-Lutz disease.

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UV protection is of great importance. It is also advised to avoid x-rays.

In the initial stage, drugs from the group of retinoids (vitamin A preparations) are used. They are supplemented with adaptogens and interferon. When indicated, a number of surgical techniques are used to remove warts.

  • In the presence of complications, surgical isolation of zyban elements is carried out.
  • Additionally, patients are prescribed several courses of chemotherapy. Irradiation in the development of tumors is not carried out.
  • The course is long, without therapy - for decades, practically - until the end of bupropion. The prognosis is favorable, malignancy rarely occurs. A characteristic feature is resistance to X-rays.
  • Treatment of warty epidermodysplasia. surgical removal, diathermocoagulation, burning carbonic acid with snow.
  • Some skin diseases are hereditary in nature. Others are associated with wellbutrin process.
  • It combines several mechanisms of development at once, an extremely rare disease, epidermodysplasia verruciformis. Another name is Lewandowski-Lutz disease.

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Epidermodysplasia verruciformis has rather complex developmental mechanisms. In a simplified form, they can be represented as follows.

A person has a genetic mutation, as a result of which the protective properties of the skin are weakened. The mutation leads to increased sensitivity of the skin to stimuli.viyu human papillomavirus. Up to 90% of the world's inhabitants are found with this microbe, however, without a genetic defect, the virus does not cause such a pronounced skin lesion. Types 5, 8 and 47 (they most often cause skin cancer), as well as less dangerous strains 3, 14, 20 and 25, can lead to the appearance of warts. The virus causes a sluggish inflammatory reaction in the skin.

It causes the growth of keratin. This is how flat warts appear - the main manifestation of the disease. There are certain genetic patterns of the development of the disease.

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It is possible to establish the genetic predisposition of the disease by knowing the family history well.

The appearance of profuse flat warts on the skin immediately after the primary infection with any strain of papillomavirus. The elements are small in size - up to 5 mm. They are located on the skin of the upper and lower extremities. Much less often primary elements are formed on the face, neck and back.

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The disease has a rather characteristic clinical picture, which makes it possible to establish a diagnosis. The symptoms of the disease include.

Due to the characteristic clinical picture, the doctor can make a diagnosis without even resorting to special additional techniques. Warty epidermodysplasia itself does not cause life-threatening subjective manifestations, it is only a cosmetic defect. But the whole danger of the disease lies in the fact that any wart can become malignant and turn into another disease.

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Any of the warts can become malignant (malignant), therefore, timely diagnosis of zyban and its treatment are necessary. Special research methods for the disease are virological and histological.


Virological analysis of blood is carried out to determine infection with the human papillomavirus. A certain strain of the pathogen matters, since not all cause a pathological process. Histological analysis - involves taking biopsy material from the wart. The biopsy is sent to a histopathological laboratory, where the doctor examines it under a microscope.

The onset of the disease before the age of 25 indicates the hereditary nature of the pathology. Close relatives have similar clinical manifestations or an established diagnosis. Warts have a generalized distribution - several areas of the body are affected. Virological test for papillomavirus of the strains listed above is positive. Skin biopsy showing the characteristic histological structure of a wart.